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  • Garin Horner

On Transformation

On transformation George Kingswood wrote: “Nothing is static, everything is in a state of metamorphosis, of becoming something else. Energy, which cannot be created nor destroyed, is constantly changing from one state to another. For example, the blazing nuclear fission of the sun is converted to heat and light. Eight minutes later that light is translated into the life-energy of plants through photosynthesis. That same light falls upon and awakens silver halides on film inside the camera. The images produced energize the photographer, stimulate physical movement and cognitive energy in the brain. If prints are made of those scenes and those physical objects are burned, the energy is liberated back into the very same heat and light from which they were created. Those objects and the imagery upon them transform back into that very same aspect of the sun from which they began. Eight minutes later, the firelight that made those photographic images will return to their source: the sun.”

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