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  • Garin Horner

Alchemy & Photography

Alchemy and photography might seem like two vastly different subjects, but they actually have some intriguing connections. Both fields involve the transformation of materials, whether it's turning base metals into gold in alchemy or capturing light and shadows to create an image in photography. Both also require a certain level of experimentation, with alchemists trying different combinations of substances to achieve their desired result and photographers adjusting their camera settings and developing techniques to create the perfect image.

Furthermore, there is a certain mystique and symbolism associated with both alchemy and photography. Alchemists often used elaborate symbols and imagery to represent their ideas and concepts, and many of these symbols have found their way into the language and iconography of modern photography. For example, the term "fixer" in photography refers to the chemical that stabilizes an image, but it also has roots in alchemy, where it was used to refer to the substance that would make a transformation permanent. Similarly, the process of "fixing" an image in photography can be seen as a metaphor for the alchemical process of turning something ephemeral into something more concrete and lasting. Overall, the connections between alchemy and photography remind us that creativity and experimentation are universal human endeavors, regardless of the specific medium or discipline involved.

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