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  • Garin Horner

Photo-Artist as Alchemist

Both the alchemist and the photographer can conjure fire, typically through different means and for different purposes.

  1. Alchemists seek to transform and manipulate matter, including elements like fire, in their pursuit of spiritual knowledge. They may use various ingredients, rituals, and specialized equipment to harness and control fire.

  2. Photographers can capture and portray the essence and beauty of fire through their art. By using cameras, lenses, and other photographic equipment, photographers can apply techniques such as long exposure, lighting, and post-processing to enhance the appearance of fire in their photographs. Photographers can evoke emotions and convey the mesmerizing qualities of fire through their visual storytelling.

Then, there are those who use the photographic art as part of their alchemy to perform Solve et Coagula, the process of spiritual purification through dissolution and recomposition…so the Great Work may proceed.

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