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  • Garin Horner

What is Alchemy?

Before this project I didn't know the first thing about alchemy...or even that there were alchemists like George Kingswood that still exist in the 21st century. Historian and scholar Mike Zuber defines alchemy as, “the practical pursuit of inward but physically real transmutation”. In addition, Frater Albertus (1911-1984) said, “Many people think of alchemists as strange, mysterious individuals, half crazy, if not completely insane, who belong more properly to the Dark Ages. To mention that true alchemists are living and working today sounds, to most people, like a fable from 1001 Nights. But the remarkable fact remains that even to this day, unknown to the world at large, alchemists continue to practice their art and science, faithful to a centuries-old tradition. More often than not, those apparent miracles that happen here and there are the results of the deeds of these unselfish men and women”. GK agrees. (illustration by Pieter Bruegel the Elder 1558).

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